Java 8 is there, the promised revolution is finally released, and I am sure that a lot of you are having in mind the same question “Should I use it in my project?”.

Well, I had the same question for few months and today that I have an answer I would like to share it with you. A lot of aspects have been influencing this decision but in this post I want to focus on one in particular that is:

Can I continue to do Continuous Integration with Java 8 and NetBeans Platform?

The main question was around the maturity of the tools necessary to do CI, and how easy was to integrate that with the ant build scripts of the NetBeans Platform.

Fortunately, we found that it is possible and easy to do!

I would also thanks Alberto Requena Sanchez for his contribution on this article.

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Conventions are great when you can speed up your coding and automatically provide self-documenting and standard solutions and that’s probably one of the main reasons why the Convention over configuration pattern got so popular and extended. And that’s fine, unless you abuse or misuse them, as usual, breaking user (or reader) expectations and therefore increasing confusion and time consuming (that is, breaking the Principle of least Astonishment, PLA, even in your contracts and interfaces). And often getter and setter methods are part of this overuse of conventions.

The so popular Java Beans convention is really powerful when providing compatibility for frameworks and libraries which rely on the matching between getters/setters and internal properties of a POJO. The side-effects of developers getting used to code Java Beans though is to see getters and setters everywhere! But do we really need so many getters and setters?

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Hi, I want to share with you a presentation I did some time ago for explaining what an SOA is to an audience that did not have any knowledge on the subject.

Just make it start, use the arrows to navigate and enjoy! And do not forget to let your feedbacks.


- SOA: Principles of Service Design by Thomas Erl

Marco Di Stefano

Hi all, today I would like to share with you a personal project, that has nothing to do with IT, but a lot in common with refactoring ideas.

Music composition and orchestration, is my great passion, and in the last years I have been putting it apart for more other concrete things. But I never garbaged the idea to continue to compose music, and maybe one day do it at professional level, so finally I decided to bring back to life this passion and here it comes: The First Touch.

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A while ago I wrote about few design paradigms to keep in mind when designing and implementing a certain component. Among them, the famous K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) kept on appearing as a valid and reasonable one. I then realized though how dangerous KISS can be when used by junior developers or, more generally, as a religion: it is pretended to be true and right, without further explanations, and hence in the name of KISS we get to justify almost everything. Often wrongly. The main concern is about what simple means in a certain context and whether that meaning breaks any other valid paradigm or, more precisely, your (technical) common sense.

We might probably apply the same reasoning to other paradigms as well, indeed correct design pattern and paradigms appliance always depends on the given contexts, but KISS seems to be a special case, because we can actually use it everywhere, anytime, in the name of simplifying things. But, are we really simplifying things? Read More