In consulting, as in many other fields, it is crucial to be able to manage the Unknown: starting a new project often means diving into a new subject in a really short time to find a solution that must be accepted by who owns and perfectly knows the business.

It seems scaring, and actually it is if we would not have a perfect ally with us: our experience. Personally I love new challanges, and I have very few and simple ways to manage the unknown. Here they are:

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To make a decision you typically need to implement an analytic process based on facts to see clearly the problem and individuate the most rational and close solution to what you identify as needed.

Even if it looks quite complicated, it is a process that each of us do every day, every time we make a decision. It is rather different from an instinctive reaction that is when we react to external factors immediately and without involving any thinking process. Instinctive reactions are important to help us to make immediate decisions in situations that can put as in danger, but in all other cases we should be able to use our brain.

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Decision Maker” is one of the most requested skills for great responsibility roles, and it is clearly not just about making decision, but about doing the good ones.

Most of us do not realize that we make hundred of decisions every day; we go by metro? We just decided to not take the car. We eat in a restaurant? We just decided to don’t go home for cooking…

Indeed what is the difference between a good and a bad decision maker?

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